Discover the freedom

To dream.

To change.

To truly live!

Without worrying about the future or
trying to please others.

Isn’t it time to live the life YOU want?

This life-changing experience marks the beginning of your true story

Introducing the Leadership Programme

A year-long transformational programme for successful entrepreneurs and visionary leaders

‘Participating in Lia’s leadership programme was the best decision of my life.’

Katerina Kasimati
I'm ready for my Dream Setting Call

Do you ever wonder if there could be more to your life?

Are you tired of getting the same results, over and over again? Feeling like every decision you make is based on other people’s expectations?

I speak to many successful and powerful leaders who feel like this - their businesses have stalled and relationships have become strained. They have no idea how to change things.

You’re scared of losing what you have and feel guilty for wanting more!

Does that sound familiar? People around you believe you’re confident and successful, but inside you can feel powerless. Trapped.

You’re working long hours and still not getting the work-life balance you want, or the money you dream of.

Everything feels like so much work, and you’re getting nowhere.

You long for someone to tell you what to do and where to go from here...

‘I am floating in a sea of independence, financial freedom, confidence, happiness and joy. For me, what has happened in the last few months has been like an apocalypse. I now work 6 hours per day and my income is 7 times more than it was when I joined the Leadership Programme.’

Martha Markaki

‘Before the Leadership Programme I had no self confidence and realised my relationship with money didn’t serve me at all.

‘During the last three months as a member of this incredible programme I set very high goals and succeeded in every one I set!

‘I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.’

Konstantinos Giannakis

Have you ever dared to ask yourself, what do I really want?


Imagine if you could:

  • Say exactly what you think without worrying about other people
  • Make fast decisions and take action on the spot to get results
  • Take bigger risks without feeling guilty or afraid of failing
  • Enjoy happier and healthier relationships at home and at work
  • Feel inspired by the path you’re taking
  • Feel joyful and grateful for your life, every single day
  • Believe EVERYTHING is possible

It’s a powerful vision. So, what’s the answer?

Listening to podcasts? Searching self-development books for the purpose and passion you crave?

They don’t help. You already know the theory, but something is still stopping you from taking action. From finding your true purpose and designing the life you were meant to live. Exactly as you want to.

Do you feel there’s too much at stake? That you have too many responsibilities and roles to fulfil (often roles that other people have given you)?

Maybe you even feel guilty asking for more?

Here’s the truth.

Healthy success starts with you.

You decide.

You dream.

You do.

You have everything you need inside you.

You have all the power.

What is your ultimate dream goal?

Not the one that others expect, but the one that sees you leap out of bed, full of enthusiasm, energy and excitement every single day?

Are you able to say it out loud, or do you reject it before even thinking about it?

Deep down, you know there is more to life for YOU.

You’re very good at what you do.

Do you TRULY believe in yourself? Do you love and accept yourself unconditionally or do you always put yourself down when you make a mistake? Have you forgiven yourself for the past?

This is not your fault.

Did you know you’ve been programmed all your life to behave like this?

The results you achieve today are based on the roles, limiting beliefs and experiences you’ve carried with you since you were young. Until you become aware of them, they will continue to block you from truly understanding yourself, your behaviour, your relationships, your clients.

The past belongs in the past.

Maybe now you need someone to support you to get things right.

If you’re not getting the results you desire, let me help you discover your inner amazing self and reach the goals you DO want.

‘The Leadership Programme helped me take action and get results, which was the one thing that was really missing from my life before. Before the Leadership Programme, I was feeling numb, frozen in inaction.

‘Just by making the decision to join the programme, I felt I took responsibility for my life and this was something very important to me because, until then, I was being supported by my partner. That decision was the kick I needed to start moving and take action towards what I’d really wanted for so many years.’

Joanna Kyriakakis

‘Before joining the Leadership Programme, I was going through a very difficult period in my life both personally and professionally. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I was feeling very insecure about myself and my life, like my life had reached a plateau and I couldn’t take any steps towards progress. I felt that everything in my life was stagnant and I was so disappointed.

‘I am now feeling courageous and confident, I feel more happy and optimistic and relationships in all aspects of my life have improved. I have learned to listen to my feelings and this has helped me immensely.

‘ I found my true purpose in life during this programme, which is a huge win for me.’

Katerina Kasimati

As soon as you start believing in yourself, you can dare to live your life.

Only then, can you rise as a leader of your life and your business.

Once you can dream it, I can help you to make it happen.

How does that make you feel? Excited? Terrified?

Both feelings are welcome! New steps terrify us and excite us at first - this shows that we’re heading towards a new direction and new results.

When you’ve lived your life never asking for help, it’s hard to say what you really want and be true to yourself.

But life begins when you stop trying to make everyone else happy!

Life begins when you start fulfilling your heart’s desires.

Are you ready to make this your best life, right now?

I can help you do exactly that.

Presenting The Leadership Programme


A year-long experiential programme where you can dare to be yourself and live your dream life.  
A safe and inspirational space where you are welcomed, whatever your fears or insecurities, to identify who you really are and see how you truly behave, not how you think you do.
  • Design and follow your dream life
  • Look fear in the eye and step through it to find freedom
  • Accept and love yourself exactly as you are
  • Discover how to dream - and dream bigger - every single day
  • Speak your mind without worrying what others will think
  • Take actions that lead to the results you want
  • Trust your intuition and make fast decisions
  • Feel powerful and passionate about your future
  • Wake up every day feeling full of energy and inspiration

My sessions with Lia assist me in so many ways that words are not able to describe. She helps me grow, accept, love, feel compassion for myself, believe in me, trust me, and take responsibility for myself, my decisions and my life! Most importantly she helps me to make peace with myself and my countless thoughts.

Despoina Mavridou

I haven’t felt as happy as I feel right now for years. I couldn’t even feel happiness and gratitude, and from the moment I made the decision to join the Leadership Programme, I felt powerful, happy, grateful.

Joanna Kyriakakis

Now I am more calm and peaceful inside. I feel more ‘adult’, I am relaxed and I don’t get upset that easily. This is really huge for me.

Katerina Kasimati

This programme is for those who want to grow as human beings and become better professionals, want to be free and productive, want to dream, set goals and be happy.

Konstantinos Giannakis
Yes! I am ready for you to help me DREAM...

Do you know what truly lights you up inside?


The Leadership Programme is not simply another group mastermind. It’s an intensive, transformational
experience. Through interactive discussions and stories, I help you connect to your heart, express your feelings and trust your intuition.

This helps you to see how you truly behave, not how you think you behave. You can then consciously decide if you want to change your behaviour to get the results you truly want.

It feels like freedom!

You don’t have to learn, or study. There are no recordings available. You just have to experience it. Everyone in the group takes exactly what they need by being present.


You’ll discover how to:

  • Take action and get results
  • Become a better leader in life and at work
  • Communicate effectively with yourself, your colleagues, your family
  • Make faster decisions and take bigger risks
  • Own and learn from your mistakes
  • Focus on your dream and never give up

You have probably never experienced a programme like this before.

Sometimes identifying what you truly want will scare you. The community and I are all here for you.

‘What helped me deeply is that the group was there as the support system I needed when I felt the need to be drawn back to my past self.

On these occasions the group and Lia were there for me; they would remind me how much progress I had made, they would remind me of the big goal I want to fulfil and they would be the motivation I needed to keep going.

For real, Lia gives more than she promises. She is 100% there for you along with the support system she has created. There hasn’t been a single moment when I felt I didn’t have support. Because some days your old self re-appears. In those moments you can call Lia, or have the group session, and these both help you get back to your new self again faster than ever before.

Joanna Kyriakakis

‘Why do I recommend the sessions with Lia? Because she cares. She is not there just for the session. She cares about the progress that you will make, she checks up on you and she really, truly, honestly pays attention to you. She knows how to actively listen without judging, putting pressure, or making assumptions and she pushes you in the right direction. She does not treat the sessions as a job, she has a cause: to help you live the life you deserve and she believes in this and you feel this in every step you make with her.

‘I can say with clarity that when I made the decision to join the Leadership Programme, it was such a liberating experience. I have never regretted this decision not even for a second and what I have gained from this programme is invaluable.’

Despoina Mavridou

The Leadership Programme consists of:

✔️ Weekly experiential and deeply transformational 2-hour sessions

✔️ Weekly Q&A sessions

✔️ Monthly 2-hour business hot seats

✔️ Unlimited WhatsApp support (during working hours) to define your dreams, discuss your fears, solve everyday challenges and celebrate your incredible wins

✔️ Continued support on dealing with clients, negotiating with integrity, solving conflicts, managing relationships and many more aspects of life and leadership

✔️ Access to training videos to create successful and healthy habits for life

‘Although I have experienced psychotherapy and group therapy, I will dare to say that these experiential group sessions helped me a lot more.

‘The work is deep and substantial, we all connect deeply with each other and open our hearts and feelings to each other with ease; this is a safe space.’

Joanna Kyriakakis

‘Before joining the Leadership Programme, I didn’t know what experiential meant or how we would be working. I trusted you. And now I believe there is no other way that changes can happen...that’s the only way.

‘By being in a group and by being together, we share our thoughts and feelings and we listen to others sharing. If I had to choose one thing that I learned from this method it’s that, ‘we are not alone’. We all have worries and anxieties for our businesses and personal lives, and by sharing with others, first of all we normalise it and we also see different views and different perspectives of our own selves. Being with other people who share the same values and worries with us helps us not feel alone.’

Martha Markaki
YES I’d like to book my call with you NOW!


A life of feeling happier, calmer and inspired to make the best decisions for you.

I’ve been where you are now, and this experiential work saved my life.

Seven years ago, I was running my newly launched tech start-up when my younger sister was diagnosed with a rare form of disease. After spending 3 months helping her to find the best doctors, I felt lost.

I’d lost my energy, my passion, my spirit for life. I couldn’t take care of my young son and the relationship I had with my husband was shaky at best. I kept thinking, “I don’t like my life; what am I doing wrong?”

For the first time in 40 years I asked for help outside of my friends and family.

The experiential work changed my life forever.

I soon realised that my ‘role’ in life – even as a young child – was that of an adult. I was the person that would run to help others before looking after myself. Always the achiever, always the doer.

When you’re little, you’re happy to follow the role you’re given so you can be loved and accepted. The same roles later in life can truly suffocate you. This is what had happened to me.

I remember the specific moment I realised that I could be who I wanted to be and behave how I wanted to behave. I wasn’t confined to the roles I’d been given. I finally felt free!

I vowed that I would share this sense of freedom and strength with as many people as I could.

So, now, I am helping YOU, the one who never asks for help because you feel you have to be there for everyone else, to transform YOUR life.

I can help you see life through a new lens so you can dream the life YOU want, not the life others have prescribed for you.

I am a better version of myself every day, and I want this for you as well. I share all my energy and passion, as well as my mistakes, to help transform your thinking and your future to the one you deeply want.

Is it time to find your ultimate dream goal?

To introduce the Leadership Programme to you, I invite you to book your Dream Setting Call with me, where I will help you find your ultimate dream goal. This hour-long session is a safe space where you can dare to say how you’d like your life to look. I will help you dream without restrictions, and give you my expert view on what is stopping you from getting there right now. You will also find out if the Leadership Programme would be right for you.

‘A series of events led me to realise that if I don’t start working towards my dreams, I will never live them. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was too scared to take the first step.

‘The Dream Setting Call with Lia was nothing short of a miracle. She explained that if I don’t believe I can do something, I never will. That evening I started to create my dream. Within 24 hours, I have had 3 people contact me about work. I am already starting to feel free. Free enough to know that I can make decisions based on what I WANT to do, and I can turn my enjoyment and passions into an income that will make me happy and feel inspired every day.’

Hope Busac
Yes I’m ready to find my dream.

Who am I?

A mum, a visionary, a passionate traveller, an action taker.

Despite having a BSc, MSc and PhD in system dynamics, 2 tech start-up awards and more than 20 years’ managing multi-million dollar projects, I’d struggled for years to truly find myself. What was I here for? What was my purpose?

Experiential work transformed my life and helped me identify my true self. I now help visionary entrepreneurs and powerful leaders to set the goals they need to follow their dreams, take action and get the results they want!

  • Take action
  • Get the results you want
  • Speak your mind with freedom and courage
  • Enjoy adult conversations without feeling fear or guilt
  • Understand what you really want and follow your passions
  • Earn money with ease by doing what you deeply love

Previous clients have multiplied their business revenue by up to 7 times in one month, written and published books in 2 months, found their true purpose in life, and established solid, reliable teams in their businesses after trying for many years.

My clients feel happy and unstoppable. They set new goals, achieve them every week and transform their personal lives and businesses every single day.

This is your opportunity to uncover who you really are. Who you always have been, hidden under the weight of expectation and responsibility.


Are you tired of living the same way? Of getting the same results and feeling there could be more to life?

We are complex beings. When you peel back the layers, and allow yourself to feel your emotions, you reach a place where your energy flows. Where your true self is revealed.

It’s time to start trusting in yourself. And knowing you’re enough.

It’s time to imagine your true purpose, your dream life.

Let’s make it happen.

Together with a proven system, mentorship and a supportive community.

The investment: £50,000

A financial plan is available.

You can book your place in the Leadership Programme right now! 


‘I remember the fear of thinking about the money I would invest, but let me tell you that everything I have received in return in such a short period in both my personal and professional life is immense.

‘I feel happy and grateful I made the decision three months ago. It is a truly fascinating experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you Lia and all the people in my group; the group work is unique and transformational.’

Joanna Kyriakakis

"It is a big investment but to see big changes - big results, you have to make big investments. That’s the only way it works. If I could turn back time, what I would say to myself back then is: “This is a great opportunity to invest in myself, to achieve what I want and to reach my goals”. So, JUST DO IT! Don’t be afraid and do it! It is a wonderful journey."

Martha Markaki
YES! I am ready for my DREAM Setting call!

Note from Lia

I’m not here to give you the answers. You already understand the theory and it hasn’t made the difference you need. I’m here to ask the questions. The right questions that will help you see things you have never seen before.

You are an amazing person with unlimited capabilities! You already have everything you need within you. The people who have joined this programme are changing the world - I truly believe you can, too.

If you can dream it, I can help you live it.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Dream Setting Call?

The Dream Setting Call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and work out if the Leadership Programme is a good fit for you. However it’s also an intensive, hour-long session where I help you to connect to your dreams without restrictions, and work out what is currently blocking you. It is such a valuable session that my previous clients have reported feeling happy, inspired, determined and free - after just 60 minutes. The Dream Setting Call is £99.

Why is this a year-long programme?

You will start getting results from the moment you decide to join The Leadership Programme. Twelve months allows you to fundamentally change your beliefs and behaviours for life.

How can I open my heart if I don't know the other people in the group?

Every time you meet, you can share as much or as little as you need to. As you get to know the rest of the group, you’ll find the courage to open up and connect more deeply, both with the group and with yourself.

How can this help me become a better leader?

Great leaders first become intelligent followers. Learning how to connect to your true self means you can become a better leader in life and in business.

What happens if I miss one of the sessions?

These sessions are dedicated to your success, so you really need to be there; all sessions are compulsory. It’s understandable that you might need to miss the odd one, but if you miss more than three sessions in a row, you’ll be unable to continue the programme.

What language are the sessions held in?

I run sessions in Greek and English. All training material is in English. None of the sessions are recorded; you need to be present to experience their transformational benefits.

I’m really interested and would like to find out more

I would suggest you book a Dream Setting Call with me to understand how I can initially help you dream and identify what is truly blocking you. Then, if I believe that the Leadership Programme can help you more deeply, I may share some more information and answer any questions you may have at the end of our call.

Do you dare to truly be yourself?

The Leadership Programme is a life-changing experience where you will discover everything is possible!

I’m ready to book my Dream Setting Call now!